The pair of them is actually slower losing resistant to the evil pushes

The pair of them is actually slower losing resistant to the evil pushes

[Ep 35] QingMu and HouChi is actually inhibiting the latest evil forces one JingYang help away. QingMu pretends to not feel hurt whatsoever in order that HouChi actually alarmed.

HouChi goes toward this new Heavenly Castle and you may requires in order to discipline by herself. (Really don’t actually know just what perfect punishment it’s, as there commonly any subtitles, and you can my personal Chinese isn’t that good, however, I know it is really most bad) But before she goes toward get penalized, QIngMu and you will HouChi is going to marry.

HouChi initiate recovery BoXuan, and you can dreams he quickly gets feabie Recenze up. But QingMu’s eg: I really hope you sit asleep for more than 100 years, no 1,one hundred thousand many years, zero that is not adequate, one hundred,100000 age. Sure, that’s a fantastic number.

[Ep thirty six] Qingmu brings HouChi certain talismans to help the girl if this woman is inside the threat, and then he also brings their the precious little doggo.

QingMu and HouChi have a marriage in the mortal domain. JingJian are offering QingMu some recent tests. The initial a person is offering money on mortals. Another shot is that QingMu needs to assume what type is actually HouChi. But the guy plays a trick and you can pretends that GuJun is originating. But ZiYue arrives and you may would like to steal HouChi away. HouChi still decides QingMu. It effortlessly possess a wedding, and you may JingZhao comes, and you may informs JingJian on which JingYang performed. (I am grateful that she cannot annoy each of them as well far *yet)

[Ep 37] JingJian says to FengRan that she cannot have earned him…

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